Esoteric Prayers

esoteric prayers

Discover the authentic and mysterious esoteric prayers of white magic that will help us in all difficult spiritual moments.

Content of the application:

  • You can find prayers of white magic to ask for positive energy.
  • You can find esoteric prayers to have good luck.
  • You can find prayers to ask for spiritual protection.

These prayers are for people who like the esoteric world of white magic.

As has been mentioned above and the same name says it is an esoteric application, classified as white magic, the prayers are not Catholic or Christian or variants of any religion, they are spiritual prayers to superior beings and for all.

The texts are quick and easy to understand.

The sentences of this application are created and registered by the programmer of the application and protected by copyright.

I hope these prayers will help you. 😉

esoteric prayers

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